School Grounds Coffee & Gelato Bar

School Grounds Coffee & Gelato Bar in Lodi, CA is committed to incredible coffee, impeccable flavors and an experience that is unforgettable.

Our Coffee Is Important To Us

We are proud to feature Moschetti Coffee from Vallejo, CA.

At School Grounds, we are committed to the best possible experience we can give Lodi, CA and it begins with the quality of coffee we serve. Moschetti Artisan Roaster was selected because they also strive to create a lasting experience.

The coffee is purchased directly from farms or cooperatives with fair trade and fair practice in mind. A great cup begins with the love of the grower and every harvest is taken from small fields and organic cooperatives who practice sustainable farming.

The Moschetti roast is unlike anything available in Lodi. 

"We tread lightly when we roast the beans, carefully enhancing the natural product and preserving the unique regional and seasonal character of each small batch rather than branding it with heavy caramelization. We don’t use a standard recipe, but roast each batch to bring out its best qualities; one variety may benefit from a lighter roast to bring out a specific aroma, while another will be best served with more toast."  - Moschetti Artisan Roaster

At School Grounds our Barista team will make your experience perfect for you with respect to your needs and desires. Our goal is to fulfill the promise that was started and to give you the best cup we can. We are pleased to serve espresso, iced drinks, Nitro Brew coffee on tap and Chai, hot or iced teas.